I started Knock On Wood Creations back in 2015 while in architecture school. It was a way for me to apply the computational design and laser cutting skills I was learning in my classes. I started by making custom wood wallets, coasters, keychains, and even bowties for my friends and family. I soon realized that something I created brought joy to the people around me. This combined with my passion for design and fabrication encouraged me to go bigger! As I moved forward in my studies and learned about furniture design, the idea to design lamps struck me.

Over the next few years, I worked hard to refine my designs and felt ready to share these designs with the world. Fast forward to now, I recently took the leap and left my corporate architecture job to go full time with my passion. I design and handmake each lamp myself at my woodshop in Atlanta, GA. Knock on Wood has given me the opportunity to turn my passion into a small business. It all started with my dream to bring joy into someone’s life with my craft. With the support of my family, friends, and of course, clients I’ve been able realize this dream to bring joy and light to spaces all over the world!